A 15-year-old was brought onto Banks's show without parents' consent, a lawsuit claims
Credit: Roger Wong/INF

When 15-year-old Jewel Ciera Washington appeared on Tyra Banks‘s talk show in October 2009 as a self-proclaimed “sex-addict,” no one was more shocked than her mother Beverly McClendon.

McClendon filed a $1 million lawsuit against Banks, 36, alleging negligence and violating a right of privacy. The lawsuit claims the mom never consented to have her daughter appear on the show. In fact, she says her daughter hasn’t even been diagnosed as a sex-addict.

Stating McClendon “suffered damages as a result of the defendants’ negligence,” the court papers, filed Oct. 8, also allege the Atlanta-based mother “filed a missing person’s report with the local police department” once she realized her daughter secretly fled her home.

A rep for Banks was not immediately available for comment.