Get a Glimpse of Images from Photographer Tyler Shields' Latest Book, 'Provocateur'

Shields has photographed young Hollywood celebrities like Josh Hutcherson and Holland Roden

Photo: Tyler Shields

“While big-shot Hollywood producers once demanded a trophy Banksy canvas to be hanging above their faux-Spanish fireplaces, now all they want is one of [Tyler] Shields‘ gloriously twisted photographs,” GQ has said of Shields’ work.

And while the photographer himself might not describe his work as “gloriously twisted,” his aesthetic is certainly a unique one, with photos of Josh Hutcherson covered in mud, Teen Wolf star Holland Roden as a Marie Antoinette-esque royal and another of her as a 1960s woman reacting to the news of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination dotting his CV.

Shields’ second book of photography, Provocateur, is due out on Dec. 13, and it includes photos from the aforementioned Marie Antoinette-inspired series, as well as his exhibition Historical Fiction.

You can pre-order the book at Amazon here if your coffee table (or the coffee table of a loved one) needs some livening up in time for the holidays.

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