6 Things You Must Know About Your New Best Friend Tyler Oakley

PEOPLE has all the essential information on the Internet sensation


The world is about to see a whole lot more of Tyler Oakley.

The YouTube star, a.k.a. your main inter-web squeeze, releases his literary debut Binge on Oct. 20, and just announced the December release of his documentary Snervous.

Because science has still neglected to find a way to fast-forward time, we’ve gathered six pieces of essential knowledge from PEOPLE’s recent chat with Oakley that will help you bridge the gap between now and the time you’re able to download your copy of Binge and see Snervous. Trust us, there’s a lot to know:

1. You’re most likely to run into him at an airport massage kiosk, so maybe get a job at one.
“My one guilty pleasure is every airport I will drop everything to get an airport massage at those kiosks,” he said.

“Plus it’s the best gift, a gift certificate or a gift card to one of those places. Because you walk by and you’re like, ‘Eh, I don’t know,’ but if you have a gift card you’re like, ‘Well why not?'”

2. Doing the audio for Binge was "so cringe."
“I was recording my audiobook and it’s so weird. You write things but then to have to say them out loud in front of people feels so different. So when I was recording my audiobook I was telling an embarrassing story in front of like a room full of audio-tech people that I don’t know and I was like ‘Oh my God this is so cringe.’ ”

3. You’ll have to compete with him for the title of Miranda Sings’ No. 1 Fan.
“I was just watching a compilation of all of Miranda Sings’ best moments of collaborations. It was great. She’s one of my favorite YouTubers. I saw her on tour and she is incredible and her book is so good. I’m one of her biggest fans.”

“When I film with her the whole time I’m just like laughing and they’re the hardest videos to edit because everything is Miranda being hilarious and just me laughing at her. It’s like I’m watching my own Miranda video but you get to see me watch the video as it’s happening live with me in my living room.”

4. He’s been known to get "crazy" in heels and wigs at the pool.
“For Fourth of July I went up to Ojai [in California]. It was in the middle of nowhere surrounded by orange trees and there was like no city for as far as you could see. We rented a house and it was me and all my San Francisco friends, and we just spent the whole weekend at the pool in high heels and wigs and got crazy.”

5. He is just as enchanted by Taylor Swift as you are.
“At the VMAs I saw Taylor Swift while we were all at the red carpet and I was like, ‘Holy crap.’ I mean I’ve interviewed her, yeah, but I will always be starstruck by her because she’s such a fixture of pop culture. I was like, ‘Oh my God Taylor Swift, I’m dying.’ ”

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6. He loses everything (but he will never lose our love).

“I leave something in every hotel room. [I left] my passport. I had to go all the way back. I was just a block away, and I like ran. On tour I left my entire toiletries bag and then the next city I had to just go buy all new everything. So I was like in Australia and I had to go find a grocery store and figure out if they even sold the same stuff. It was a struggle.”

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