According to TMZ, Tyga missed several lease payments on his Ferrari

By Mariah Haas
August 31, 2016 04:45 PM

“More money, more problems,” the legendary MC Biggie Smalls once rapped – and it seems like that goes double for Tyga

The “Rack City” rapper was reportedly looking at new cars at a Calabasas Bentley dealership on Tuesday with girlfriend Kylie Jenner when his Ferrari was repossessed.

According to TMZ, Tyga, 26, missed several of the car’s lease payments – and the lessor sent a repo man with a spare key to pick up the vehicle. Left without wheels, the couple apparently got a ride home from one of Tyga’s pals.

Just last week, Tyga was hit with a six-figure bill from one of his property owners after leaving behind “hazardous environmental waste.”

He also settled a high-cost legal dispute with another ex-landlord earlier this month.

A rep for Tyga did not respond to request for comment.