"You've grown up," declares one woman to the sister she last saw as an infant

They haven’t seen each other in decades, but these two sisters prove that sibling love never fades – even after 66 long years.

Karen Simpton and her older sister Ann poignantly reunited in California last week for the first time since their parents surrendered them and three other children to a Portland, Ore., orphanage in 1948.

“You’ve grown up,” Ann tearfully tells Simpton as they embrace at long last, their reunion captured by KCRA in Sacramento. “You were 3 months old when I last saw you.”

Simpton had a happy childhood with her adoptive parents, but always yearned to connect with the biological siblings her parents had left behind. She turned to the Internet for clues to her past, and with the help of sites, including Facebook, she found Ann, who in turn said she’d been searching for Karen for nearly 30 years.

“I remembered having a baby sister and I remembered crying for her,” Ann said after their reunion, according to Today.

It’s clear their bond is strong as they sweetly linked arms while sitting on the couch together.

“I had a good brother, but I always wanted a sister to dress up with and play tea parties with, and I never had one,” Simpton said, implying that those things can now happen at last.

“Ever since she called and we’ve been talking, it’s like we’ve never been apart,” Ann added.

In other words, as she told her sister upon their reunion, “I don’t have to cry anymore.”