Two High School Soccer Teammates Commit Suicide Within Two Days

After her friend's suicide on Friday, a second high school junior killed herself on Sunday

Photo: Courtesy Jason Webb/Courtesy Sophie Jones

A Kansas community is reeling after two high school juniors committed suicide over the weekend.

Ciara Marie Webb, 16, of Olathe, Kansas, took her own life on Friday afternoon inside her home, authorities told KCTV.

“Ciara will be forever remembered as the best daughter, granddaughter, loving sister and amazing friend,” reads her obituary in the Kansas City Star. “She will always be loved for her true passion for soccer, her red post-game face, ongoing love to her friends, compassion she showed to others, love of the entire Olathe Ravens & Comets family, and her true respect for those who mentored her throughout her life.”

Among the outpouring of grief and sympathy was an 8 p.m. Tweet from one of Webb’s soccer teammates, Cady Housh, who wrote simply: “Rest in peace Ciara.”

Two days later, on Sunday night, Housh was back on Twitter, where she posted that it had been the “worst f—king weekend of my life.” At about 8:15 that evening, Housh stepped onto the railroad tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

She was then transported to an area hospital where she died from her injuries.

Gwen Poss, the principal at Olathe Northwest, sent a letter to the families and let them know that students were told about Webb’s death in the first hour of school and notified about Housh’s death in the second hour.

Poss’ letter also urged parents to “please have a heartfelt conversation with your student about these tragedies and specifically about suicide. Have this conversation with your son or daughter tonight – you know them best. Ask them how they are feeling, be non-judgmental, and avoid any gossip related to details of the deaths or causes. Keep communication open and maintain high supervision and knowledge of their whereabouts.”

A vigil was scheduled at the school for Tuesday evening.

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