Two Fined Over Swayze Crash

Two construction workers in Arizona, Brian Nelson and Joshua Angel, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to a misdemeanor and were fined $110 each for giving police false information about the June 1 crash of a private plane piloted by “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost” actor Patrick Swayze. Charges against their fellow worker, Adam Martin, are still pending, reports the Associated Press. Nelson and Angel, after witnessing Swayze’s forced landing, initially told police they didn’t see the incident — only to say later that they helped the actor remove opened beer and wine bottles from the aircraft. Swayze, 47, walked away unharmed from his 1978 twin-engine Cessna after it first smacked into a light pole and sheared off part of a wing as he landed. He told the Federal Aviation Administration that the plane suffered a pressurization problem.

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