The TV tribes target Koror's Willard Smith and Ulong's Angie Jakusz

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated March 18, 2005 09:00 AM

Not one but two castaways, one from each tribe, were sent to sea on Thursday night’s episode of CBS’s Survivor: Palau: Willard Smith, 57, a lawyer from Bellevue, Wash., and Angie Jakusz, 24, a bartender from New Orleans.

Willard could certainly cite ageism as the reason for his downfall. His Koror tribe, undefeated in immunity challenges, was unanimous in its first tribal council to vote him out. Because he’s pushing 60, Willard found the challenges and the camp-related responsibilities difficult.

After the his torch was snuffed, Willard admitted, “I surprised myself out here by not being quite as strong as I expected to be. I think the tribe as a whole are good people, by and large.”

Meanwhile, among the decimated Ulong tribe, the tribal council looked to be certain doom for the Alabama waiter Ibrehem Rahman, 27, for single-handedly losing the reward challenge. Except, in a surprise twist, Koror granted him immunity.

With Ibrehem’s safety assured, the rest of Ulong found themselves deadlocked in a tie vote between Angie and another waiter from Alabama, Bobby Jon Drinkard, 27.

After the necessary second vote, Ulong targeted Angie, who said afterwards, “It was a different and refreshing experience. All those little things in life, never going to take that for granted ever again.”