Source: Old Navy
May 02, 2016 07:00 PM

Twitter to the rescue!

Old Navy received criticism over the weekend after posting an ad featuring an interracial family with some calling the move “race mixing propaganda.”

So, Twitter users responded by posting photos of their own interracial families, using the hashtag #LoveWins.”

“Hey @OldNavy, my family and I thank you for the diversity in this ad! #LoveWins, no matter the color,” one tweeter wrote alongside a photo of his family and a shot of the Old Navy ad, which featured a white man, a brown-skinned woman and a little boy.

The response photos came after several commenters accused the company of promoting “forced integration” and “white genocide” and some even vowed to “never step into an @OldNavy store again.”

Debbie Felix, an Old Navy spokesperson, told PEOPLE in a statement that “everyone is welcome” at Old Navy.

“We are a brand with a proud history of championing diversity and inclusion,” she said.

One tweeter replied to the add, writing, “Interracialism is disgusting.”

However, many applauded Old Navy, thanking the company for featuring an interracial family.

“Hey Old Navy, love your new ad!” one person wrote on Twitter, using the hashtag #lovewins.

One man captioned a Twitter photo of himself alongside two women, “my daughters and I salute Old Navy!”

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