Surprise! See how the internet reacted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more reacted to Beyonce's sudden album drop

By Kelli Bender
December 13, 2013 10:00 AM

Dec. 13 will go down in history as the day Beyoncé cemented her Pop Queendom, managing to drop a surprise visual album on the humble masses.

At nearly the stroke of midnight, Mrs. Carter snuck her fifth album onto iTunes. It features 14 new songs and 17 new videos.

The shocking self-titled release jump-started a ripple of news that grew to a monsoon of Beyoncé mania as fans around the Internet quickly discovered the so-called Christmas miracle.

It all began when the album slipped onto iTunes – with no fanfare or announcement. At least one user, VivaColdplay, happened to take notice, thus becoming the (probable) first person to react to Beyoncé’s big surprise.

First iTunes comment on Beyoncamp#233;
Courtesy Itunes

Holy cow is right! From there, Twitter claimed the initial social network “first responders,” with several superfans tweeting the news before Beyoncé even had a chance to announce it on the platform herself.

Just after midnight, Beyoncé started her subtle promotional campaign, by posting to Facebook.

Beyoncamp#233; Facebook announcement for Beyoncamp#233;
Courtesy Facebook

Most Facebook followers didn’t even listen to the album before responding; they were too taken aback by their love for Queen Bey.

Instagram was the next stop on the love train, where followers learned of Beyoncé’s new album via this heart palpitation-inducing clip:

Meanwhile, Instagrammers were almost #dying in reaction to the news.

Of course, it wasn’t long before Reddit found out the best news of 2013 and started an official thread. Pretty much all the praise – and it was only praise – went like this:

Reddit comment on the debut of Beyoncamp#233;
Courtesy Reddit

And Christmas came early for YouTube when previews of all 17 videos arrived, bringing joy and good tidings to all.

More cheer came in the form of reaction videos and countless comments posted moments later.

In sum, with this one startling album drop, Mrs. Carter melted the Internet. Now, much like the maybe-first reaction meme uploaded by Imgur user phy54, all we mere mortals can do is enjoy this magical, musical moment and reflect on the worldwide wonder that is Beyoncé.

Image via Imgur/phy54