TV Host: 'It's My Fault' Eva Longoria Fell Down

Billy Bush says she tripped and bruised her ribs while on the phone with him

Billy Bush, co-host of TV’s Access Hollywood, is taking the blame for Eva Longoria’s stumble last week that sent her to the hospital.

“Not only did Eva Longoria take a tumble off the top step of her trailer on the set of Desperate Housewives and fall flat on her back,” Bush writes on his “Billy’s Blog” Web page. “Not only did that land her in an ambulance and ultimately the E.R., but it’s my fault.”

Ironically, Access Hollywood rival Extra first reported Longoria’s accident.

On his blog, Bush writes that he and Longoria were talking by cell phone when the line suddenly went dead. When he tried her back an hour later, his call went straight to voicemail.

Longoria finally called back, “explaining that she fell off the top step of the trailer and may have fractured a rib (slightly) around her back side.”

” ‘Sorry I didn’t call right back,’ ” she said, according to Bush. “Too busy calling 911, I guess. I asked her if I was to blame for distracting her. She said ‘Yes,’ Followed with the big Longoria laugh.”

The topic of their conversation, Bush says: “A little boy who has touched both of our hearts is losing a terrible health battle and tomorrow we are turning his house into the North Pole so he can have Christmas before God calls him home.”

After Longoria’s mishap, her rep said, “Nothing is broken, but her ribs are very bruised.” The actress seems to be recovering nicely though – she recently headed to Paris for an affectionate reunion with ex-beau Tony Parker.

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