Murat Oner Tas/Anadolu Agency/Getty
July 22, 2015 09:55 AM

Tuz Gola is the second-largest lake in Turkey. It’s a saline lake, and it’s a popular tourist attraction. It’s also This Week’s Sign of the End Times!

The lake is currently a deep shade of ruby (or blood …) red, thanks to the summer heat, which is causing an interesting scientific (or apocalyptic …) phenomenon.

Turkey’s summer climate is causing the already-salty lake to lose water. “Because the lake is losing water, the salinity is getting higher and higher, which kills off a lot of the plankton that normally eat this red algae,” Stony Brook University marine ecology research professor Dr. Christopher Gobler told ABC News. “So now, the algae is thriving and will probably [be] red until the lake fully evaporates, probably next month during the peak of summer heat.”

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Gobler added that the pink flamingos currently at the lake have the algae to thank for their coloration: “This algae gets eaten by plankton, which gets eaten by fish and other organisms that then get eaten by flamingos.” And while he doesn’t recommend that people drink the lake’s water to get the same effects, “Some people actually grow Dunaliella salinas algae for its antioxidant properties,” he says.

New health drink business opportunity: Tuz Gola Lake Algae Drinks?

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