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September 07, 2016 03:10 PM

Donald Trump‘s “I love war” comment from a rally last November is coming back to haunt him at a most inopportune time.

The pro-Hillary Clinton group Priorities USA Action will air a new ad featuring the damning quote – and declaring the GOP nominee “dangerous” and “unfit to be president” – during Wednesday night’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum on NBC stations in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa and Nevada, NBC’s First Read reports.

“This way even during commercial breaks, voters will be able to see just how dangerous a Donald Trump presidency would be,” the group’s communications director, Justin Barasky, said in an email sharing the video.

The 30-second ad first released Tuesday also includes snippets of Trump saying that he “knows more about ISIS than the generals do” and calling “nuclear, the power, the devastation … very important to me.”

The group, Republicans for Clinton in 2016, also released an ad criticizing Trump this week, in which the group contrasts his violent and racist rhetoric with the words of former President Ronald Reagan and other respected Republican leaders.

Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, defended his comments on war during an appearance on Good Morning America Wednesday, telling ABC’s George Stephanopoulos they were taken out of context.

” ‘I love war,’ putting nuclear weapons on the table – the Clinton camp says that’s irresponsible,” Stephanopoulos told Conway.

She replied that what’s “irresponsible” is “taking little, cherry-picking little snippets of what he said and not giving the full context of the sentence let alone the speech.”

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Asked what Trump meant when he said “I love war,” Conway replied, ” “I’d have to see the entire snippet there but obviously many commanders in chief have made the very difficult decision to go to war. You have Hillary Clinton as secretary of state calling a Russia reset that didn’t work, she was wrong on Libya, she was wrong on Syria, she was certainly wrong on Benghazi and I think they’ll both be held to account for that.”

Wednesday night’s “Commander-in-Chief” forum, hosted by NBC News, marks the first time this election that Clinton and Trump will be on the same stage. Both candidates will give in-depth interviews on topics including national security, the military and veterans affairs.

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