The toy for boys developed on last week's Apprentice 2 will be in stores by early 2005

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated September 15, 2004 08:00 AM

It’s not even a week old and the new season of The Apprentice 2 has already spawned two products – and one of them is all wet.

First off, the toy designed for 6-year-old boys by the winning team on last week’s premiere of the NBC reality show will be produced by Mattel, the Associated Press reports.

To be called Morph Machines, the toy – which will look sleeker than the prototype developed on last Thursday’s show – will reach stores early next year and sell for $30, Mattel said.

After their instructions from Donald Trump, the women’s team came up with the idea of a remote-controlled car with interchangeable parts that can be crashed and easily put back together.

As a result, a prototype was designed overnight by Mattel and was then met with approval from young boys who tested the car, according to Mattel spokeswoman Sara Rosales. She says that her company went into the show not to get a new product out of it – just to get its name out there.

“We had no expectations. We were planning on simply showcasing our brand,” Rosales says.

As for the other product, get ready for Trump Ice water, available in 16-oz. bottles featuring the Donald’s picture on the label. The H20 was previously only available in Trump’s troubled casinos, but now he’s branched out into the nation’s metropolitan area retail outlets, The Washington Post reports.

D.C.-area commercial real estate broker Ann Page has just become a Trump Ice wholesale distributor and tells the newspaper: “Trump told Barron’s that his name brand is now worth $100 million, but the public can buy it for $1.50 a bottle.”

In some cities, the bottles are going for two bucks. As Page tells The Post: “It just wasn’t competitive in this area for $2.”