Let your friends know you're a "major loser" with "zero credibility" through Hillary Clinton's Trump Yourself app

Credit: Source: Hillary Clinton/Twitter

Are you “Sad!” you can’t get sized up by official Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump? Never fear: there’s now an app for that.

Hillary Clinton launched Trump Yourself on Thursday, an online application that applies Trump-themed filters to your Facebook photo.

Each filter includes a photo of the billionaire businessman, himself, as well as a less-than-pleasant quote from Trump. Users can scroll through the filter options while reading where the insults are drawn from.

One, for example, adds an angry Donald and the phrases “Major loser” and “Zero credibility” to your image. Its source quote comes from a Trump tweet in February.

Others plaster words like “Dopey,” “hater” and “loser” across your face – all accompanied by Trump cut-outs.

Releasing the app, Clinton wrote on Twitter, “Discover what @realDonaldTrump thinks about people like you.”

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Trump has yet to address Clinton’s new social media endeavor, but will speak to the nation at the Republican National Convention, Thursday. Ivanka Trump – whose siblings have all spoken in support of their father at the convention – will introduce the candidate.