October 29, 2004 08:00 AM

It was an Apprentice first: Donald Trump didn’t even wait to see who Apex project manager Elizabeth Jarosz wanted to bring into the boardroom with her. The Donald flat-out fired her on the spot for incompetence Thursday night.

“I don’t want to waste a lot of time” on this, Trump said, dismissing Elizabeth in front of her entire team after questioning her lack of leadership and asking, “What the hell’s missing with you Elizabeth?”

The two teams, Apex and Mosaic, were given a task similar to one of the projects in Season One. Each team was sent to an ad agency to design a recruiting campaign for the New York City Police Department. The teams were given full access to the agency’s resources, as well as assistance from the NYPD’s training facility.

After his narrow escape from the boardroom last week, Mosaic’s youngest member Andy led his team’s charge, determined to show the other players that he was not “just a kid.”

Each team went to the NYPD training camp and shot footage for a print and television ad campaign, and then worked with designers to put together a presentation. While there was disagreement on both sides as to how best to proceed, Apex appeared totally stalled with Elizabeth’s indecision and back-and-forth questioning.

At several points in the show, Elizabeth admitted, “All of my team wanted to go one way and I wanted to go the other,” prompting teammate Kevin to remark, “I think our project manager sucks!”

Trump’s consternation was brought about by the 31-year-old consulting firm owner’s refusal to acknowledge her mistakes, and he lambasted Apex’s ad, which featured heavily armed police storming through subway cars and hallways. The ad, Trump said, was too militaristic and would frighten potential recruits. “Forget about shooting The Apprentice,” he said after watching it. “I’m going to (go) upstairs and lock my door.”

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