June 30, 1998 12:00 AM

Talk about burning the candle at both ends . . . at last night’s unveiling of the new Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in New York’s Times Square, Donald Trump and his ex-wife, Ivana, were in the same room. Not once, but twice: for real and in wax. “They were very affectionate, and Donald put his arm around her,” said Barbara Lazaroff, who, with her husband, California chef supreme Wolfgang Puck, also got the waxy treatment. “And Donald had his girlfriend with him,” Lazaroff told PEOPLE. Of her own effigy: “I like the fact that she’s not going to age.” In full drag, entertainer RuPaul, also among the evening’s celebrants, said he “loved” Nicolas Cage’s wax double (which looked hunky in black leather pants and a shirt that was sufficiently unbuttoned to expose some chest hair). Samuel L. Jackson’s figure, on the other hand, was “really spooky,” Ru told PEOPLE, although it wasn’t clear whether that was because of Jackson’s facial expression or the uncanny resemblance.

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