Donald Trump Supporters Pelted with Eggs, Spat on and Beaten as 300 Protestors Mob California Convention Hall After Speech

Anti-Trump protesters threw eggs, punches and bottles, harassing and tormenting supporters

Photo: AP Photo/Noah Berger

Violence broke out in San Jose, California on Thursday night, after an angry mob of protesters lashed out against Donald Trump supporters following a rally at the convention center.

A crowd estimated to be 300-strong filled a city block and angrily chased people as they left Trump’s speech.

Some agitated demonstrators hit cars, broke signs, and lit fire to at least to one supporter’s “Make America Great Again” hat, according to multiple reports on social media.

One woman wearing a “Trump” jersey was cornered by the mob and pelted in the face with eggs, spit on and doused with water bottles.

San Jose police were in place to combat those protests, but after about 90 minutes, the mob turned unruly. At least four people were arrested and one officer assaulted. San Jose police have yet to release total arrest figures.

Another supporter walking down the street was hit in the head by an angry protester, causing heavy bleeding.

The mob threw punches, even chanting “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!” at one point.

The violence started just after the Trump rally ended around 8 p.m. Authorities said protesters had mostly remained peaceful during Trump’s speech, chanting “Donald Trump has got to go” outside the presumptive GOP nominee’s event.

“It was unbelievable,” Cupertino resident and Trump supporter Steve Tong told NBC News. “I’ve never seen anything like that in America before.”

Tong also said he saw protesters taunting an elderly couple at a nearby parking structure, and smashing in windows of parked cars.

Mayor Sam Liccardo blamed Trump’s presence for inciting the violence, telling the Associated Press that at “some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign.”

Approximately 5,000 people attended Trump’s rally on Thursday, as he continued to hold his stance on stricter immigration laws.

“We’re going to bring people into this county, but we’re going to bring them in legally,” he said.

Trump also continued to throw jabs at Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, calling Clinton “pathetic” and accusing Sanders of “rigging the system.”

He later retweeted a tweet calling her dangerous.

Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta condemned the violence, saying “violence against supporters of any candidate has no place in this election.” Sanders’s representative Mike Casca agreed, adding “we cannot stop Trump’s violent rhetoric with violence – only peaceful protest in a voting booth can do that.”

Trump, meanwhile, downplayed the scene in a tweet, saying it was only a “small group of thugs.”

This isn’t the first time there’s been violence on Trump’s campaign trail.

Last Friday, San Diego police arrested 35 protesters outside a Donald Trump rally as supporters and opponents began throwing trash at each other. In April, approximately 20 people were arrested outside a rally in Orange County, California, as residents threw rocks at motorists, put holes in the tires of a police SUV, and even attempted to flip a police vehicle

Similar mobs have broken out inside Trump’s campaign event in Arizona and outside them in Kansas City, Missouri.

“I hope they arrest these people because they’re really violating all of us,” Trump, 69, said of the Kansas City violence. “They deserve to be arrested.”

“I’ll file whatever charges you want,” he continued. “If they want to do this… we’re going to go strongly for your arrests.”

“We’re going to take our country back from these people,” Trump had said, according to ABC News. “These are bad, bad people.”

The California primary is scheduled for June 7.

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