Inside a Donald Trump Rally: The Nasty, Sexist, Racist Chants by His Supporters

In the chilling video, Trump supporters can be heard referring to Hillary Clinton as "bitch," "tramp" and "whore"

Photo: Greg E. Mathieson Sr./REX/Shutterstock

WARNING: Graphic, disturbing language ahead

A disturbing new video from The New York Times shows supporters at Donald Trump rallies unapologetically hurling profanities, violent threats along with sexist, racial and ethnic slurs.

The GOP nominee has repeatedly been accused of inciting physical violence at his campaign events, but this newly released footage, gathered over a year of covering Trump rallies across the country, gives an uncensored look at the vicious language some of his supporters use to describe immigrants and Democratic political figures like Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

Cries of “kill her,” “Trump that bitch,” “tramp” and “whore,” referencing Clinton, can be heard – and seen on T-shirts and other merchandise. When Trump mentions the president at one event, a supporter shouts, “F— that [racial slur]”. Chants of “build a wall – kill them all” are often aimed at immigrants, the Times reports.

WARNING: Video contains strong language and racial and ethnic slurs.

According to the Times, “People often leave the rallies energized, and anger boils over outside the events.” At one rally, a man who had been kicked out for wearing a T-shirt that read “F— Islam” is hailed as a hero by his fellow Trump supporters outside.

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“Not everyone attending a Trump rally behaves this way,” the Times writes. “In fact, many are polite and well mannered.”

“But while protesters are often shouted down, crowds seldom express disapproval of the crude slogans and angry outbursts by Mr. Trump’s supporters.”

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