"How are we supposed to explain the new Trump logo to our children??" one Twitter user joked
Mike Pence and Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Westfield, Indiana, on July 12, 2016.

The Internet would like the new Donald TrumpMike Pence logo to “get a room.”

The logo, unveiled Friday shortly after Trump announced the Indiana governor as his vice presidential running mate, shows the letter “T” (for Trump) cutting through the letter “P” (for Pence).

The logo was trending on social media Friday for all the wrong reasons, as Twitter users ridiculed the symbol for being sexually suggestive – or at the very least, evocative of toilet paper.

“How are we supposed to explain the new Trump logo to our children??” one critic wondered.

“What is the T doing to that P?” asked another.

Let this buzzed-about moment bring out the giggling 13-year-old in you, too, by checking out some of the best tweets about the Trump-Pence logo below.

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Trump has yet to respond to the widespread mockery but New York Times correspondent Binyamin Appelbaum offered his prediction of the boastful businessman’s response: “I guarantee you there’s no problem with the size of the T.”