April 12, 2005 05:00 PM

Donald Trump says he feels “very badly” for Chris Shelton, the Apprentice candidate who was arrested for disorderly conduct last weekend.

“He’s got a problem,” Trump said at a press conference in Manhattan Tuesday. “He’s got an anger management problem. We talked about it on the show. He truly is an angry guy.”

In the course of the Apprentice Trump has called Shelton on the carpet several times for displaying his considerable temper and using expletives in the boardroom and during tasks.

In fact, Trump said Shelton’s fired-up temperament will be on display again during Thursday’s episode. “By circumstance, it happens to involve Chris to a large extent,” said Trump. “He has a very interesting time on the show.”

Shelton, 22, a Nevada real estate investor, was taken into custody around 3:30 a.m. Sunday at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa, Fla., and placed behind bars at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, according to police records. He posted $250 bail and was released by 11:30 a.m.

Chris Shelton

According to the police, Shelton “was at the lobby causing a scene … there were several patrons in the area who were visibly shaken by his actions. After several attempts to calm Shelton, he continued to yell and curse, refusing to calm down and stop causing a scene.”

Shelton was in Tampa for a birthday celebration for fellow (and fired) Apprentice player John Gafford, reports the Tampa Tribune. The paper quotes Gafford as saying the hotel staff overreacted to Shelton’s alleged refusal to pay a $20 cover charge to enter the cocktail lounge – because, Gafford claimed, Shelton had already paid $2,000 for a hotel room.

Shelton has yet to comment on the incident.

As for the upcoming Apprentice finale, Trump says this season’s ending will not be quite as extended as past wrap-ups. This one, set for May 19, will last only an hour.

“At my insistence, I wanted it to be a one-hour finale,” said Trump, who, along with NBC and series producer Mark Burnett, took heat for last December’s three-hour finale. “We ended up with a reunion and all of this nonsense. Nobody wants that. What they want is a finale where somebody gets fired.”

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