April 08, 2005 08:00 AM

Here’s a tip for the remaining six Apprentice contestants: Don’t choke.

On Thursday night’s episode of the NBC show, Angie Harper’s muddled presentation to clients did her in, and the Donald made it clear that he doesn’t want anyone around who can’t stand up to the pressure.

“Angie,” said Trump, “you’re fired.”

So it was farewell to Net Worth’s 41-year-old gym franchise owner and single mother from Lake Balboa, Calif. – who is also a professional cabaret singer and songwriter.

This week’s task involved fashion, with each team designing its own line of clothing. The twist was that the new line would be “wearable technology,” combining tech with fashion – on a $5,000 budget. American Eagle executives would determine the winner.

Net Worth raced against the clock to get their clothing, models and themselves over to the American Eagle store in time for their presentation, but in the rushed cab ride over, their denim jacket was missing. They were still sitting in the cab at presentation time, 3 o’clock. Angie’s reaction? “I’m going to throw up.”

At the meeting, the Magna team unveiled a clever line that included a sweatshirt with a GameBoy pouch in front and a jacket with a pocket specially designed for such gadgets as MP3 players. They also scored points with the execs by saying that the most important piece of technology for consumers was the cell phone.

In the end, the American Eagle execs, in front of Trump, called Net Worth’s presentation scattered, unprepared and not that creative. Magna clearly won, and its members got to go shopping at the high-end Bergdorf Goodman department store.

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