Trump Aide Convicted

Chuck Jones, formerly the publicist for Marla Maples (New York real estate mogul Donald Trump’s estranged wife), was convicted Wednesday of burglary and gun possession. Jones, 56, who was Maples’s press agent before she married Trump in 1993, was being retried on a 1994 conviction for stealing Maples’s shoes. That conviction was overturned by a federal judge on a technicality in 1996 after Jones had served three months of a 18-to-54-month sentence. Jones, who represented himself, was acquitted this time of criminal possession of 70 of Maples’s shoes and boots. He will be sentenced June 11 and faces up to 15 years in prison on the most serious count, burglary.

  • Maples’s shoes disappeared from her Central Park South apartment and were later found in Jones’ midtown office, along with pajama bottoms, pantyhose, diary pages, personal photos and videotapes belonging to her.
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