The HBO neo-noir is ripe for satire
Credit: Courtesy Big Meeting

With its obsessed fan base, wild-eyed monologues and sprawling Lovecraftian mythos, HBO neo-noir True Detective is ripe for satire. As the series gears up for its finale Sunday night, a number of online jokers have gotten their parodies out at exactly the right time.

Our favorite is Onion veteran David Sidorov‘s "Yellow King Theory," which pokes fun at the insane brand of hyper-analysis the show has inspired in its fans. Sidorov’s theory of who the real killer is might seem unconventional at first, but with his obsessive eye for detail, he’s spotted clues that more casual viewers probably missed.

Watch “Yellow King Theory” above, and then check out a few other True Detective parodies.

Can Anyone Understand True Detective?

The rambling monologues of Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) on the nature of time (“a flat circle”), mass suicide (“the honorable thing to do”) and fatherhood (“sin”) are confusing even when you know what his sentences mean. In this parody from The Soup, things get even weirder, with Cohle’s words becoming literal, not figurative, gibberish.

True Detective Twin Peaks Remix

Two decades before True Detective, the nation was enthralled by another strange tale of murder and mysticism: David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. Now, the comparison is more explicit, with a parody True Detective credits sequence that borrows music and style from the opening of Twin Peaks.

True Detective / Law & Order Credits Remake

Even better, though, is a similar video done in the style of the long-running Law & Order franchise, transforming the Southern Gothic surrealism of True Detective into just another case of the week.

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