But Ryan Kwanten has the perfect gift for the engaged Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

By Jessica Herndon and Shayna Rose Arnold
September 21, 2009 08:30 AM
Credit: Jeff Frank/ZUMA

The onscreen brother is always the last to know.

Speaking at the Entertainment Tonight/PEOPLE Emmy party after Sunday’s big event, Ryan Kwanten – the hottie who plays dumb-as-a-rock but well-meaning Bon Temps good ol’ boy Jason Stackhouse on HBO’s True Blood – said he may have been the only person not to have figured out that his costars Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were in a relationship.

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“I’m always the last to know. My ear is not very close to the ground,” he said. “Stephen actually had to come up to me and tell me. He said, ‘Ryan I know you’re not really up with the gossip side of things. but before you hear from anyone else, we’ve been dating for the last 10 months.’ ”

But Kwanten, 32, said it made perfect sense once he did know.

“They just know who they are,” he said. “There are no facades or egos. They are just down-to-earth people.”

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On the show, Kwanten’s character is the brother of Paquin’s character, one who often tries (and fails) to act as a caring older brother. Kwanten said feels like a friend more than a brother to Paquin in real life, but that he’s confident Moyer will make a fine husband.

“You look out for them and make sure that anyone who is the close circle has their best interest at heart, and Stephen does,” he said.

He’s even already got the perfect wedding gift picked out.

“I guess [I’d give them] privacy,” he said. “I’d just wave my magic wand.”