Trucker Brian Miner used his horn to signal an Illinois state trooper he thought was driving too fast
Credit: Courtesy Brian Miner

The roles that normally govern police-civilian interactions were reversed recently when a trucker pulled over an Illinois state trooper for allegedly driving over the speed limit while using a cell phone.

In a video uploaded on June 25, driver Brian Miner videotaped a trooper he says passed him while he was going 65 mph in a 70 mph zone. Miner followed the trooper and began honking his horn until the cop pulled over.

The video, recorded surreptitiously from the truck’s cab, shows the two men arguing over Miner’s right to pull the officer over.

Police are generally exempt from laws banning the use of handheld cell phones while driving. As for the alleged speeding, the trooper told Miner he was obeying the speed limit, while the trucker swore the officer was going “well over 70.”

The video’s tense standoff came to a head when Miner revealed that he had been videotaping the officer. Suddenly the trucker, who moments before had been on the verge of receiving a ticket for using his horn improperly, got off with just a warning.

For anyone wondering if they can follow in Miner’s footsteps, the ACLU has written a guide to videotaping police officers. (One note: They do not recommend trying to pull them over.)

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