By Stephen M. Silverman
April 15, 2004 01:41 PM

It’s revealed: Jesse Palmer’s spy on “The Bachelor” turned out to be Jenny, the blonde personal trainer whose identity was given away about two-thirds of the way through Wednesday night’s episode of the ABC reality show.

Meanwhile, the New York Giants quarterback started on his dates to decide which of the 16 women he will choose from (16 instead of the usual 15, because Jesse goofed last week and mixed up two of the women during the rose ceremony).

Trish, who received last week’s first rose (quite a distinction), was permitted a solo date with Jesse, while the others were confined to group dates, starting with seven who accompanied him on a Lake Tahoe sledding trip. In no time at all, Jesse was getting some action in a hot tub.

Poolside, the model Trish, 28, came off a little tough (“Marry rich, order out, hire a nanny, hire a trainer,” she said with spy Jenny listening in), yet also an eyeful — changing from a bikini bottom into a thong to tan better. She also privately admits to not liking children and, after being coifed and made up by the stylist Christophe, declares, “I’m sorry, but I’m pretty (bleeping) fabulous.”

“She’s confident, and that attracts me a lot,” opines Jesse, who also seems to turn an initial deaf ear to Trish’s announcement at dinner that she’s given thought to “not having children at all.”

But the matter got pressed, with Jesse saying that having a family for him is “a huge priority.” Trish allowed that she’d consider one or two kids, but no more. Yet Jesse seems smitten:. “We talked about kids and family,” he said. “She’s the real deal.”

On the group date, Kristy took herself out of the game (telling Jesse she doesn’t see herself with him for the long-run), while Jenny the spy prods Jesse to take a closer look at the Oklahoman Tara (whom she likes) as well as at Trish (whom she doesn’t).

As a result, a rose does not go to Kristy but one goes to Tara — and, despite Jenny’s warning, to Trish, as well as to spy Jenny (of course). And roses also went to Jessica B., Mandy Jaye, Karen, Suzie, the female Jesse and Julie.

That left Kristy, Mandy C., Anne-Catherine, Amber, Celeste and Jean-Marie roseless and heading home, and Jesse saying of the remaining Top 10: “I think some of them really like me.”