Trio Hates Grammy

Winning a Grammy is bittersweet, according to three disgruntled all-stars who were honored Wednesday night: Elton John, Cher and Barry White. Soulful singer White, who won two Grammys (for his traditional R&B vocal album, “Staying Power,” and for best male R&B singer) stayed home rather than attend the ceremony at Los Angeles’s Staples Center. He blamed the rain. But he also told Reuters that he’s never gotten over his 1974 loss and blames the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, which dispenses the Grammys. He was passed over that year in favor of another newcomer, Bette Midler. “I should have got it,” said White. “I was the best new artist. You don’t forget things like that, man.” A petulant Elton John — who was honored with a lifetime achievement award this week — told New York’s Daily News that he found this year’s Grammys to be “bull—-.” Elton, who performed on-air with the Backstreet Boys, didn’t reveal what particularly griped him, but did opine that he would have been better at home. Finally, Cher was so miffed at the Grammy producers that she did stay home. She told “Entertainment Tonight” that she was ticked off that she wasn’t asked to perform on the show. Her smash song, “Believe,” won for best dance record.

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