April 09, 2004 01:00 PM

The two tribes became one called Chaboga Mogo on Thursday night’s installment of CBS’s “Survivor: All-Stars,” and “Survivor: Africa” vet Lex van den Berghe, 40, got dumped despite strong assurances from his pal Rob Mariano that he’d be safe.

Rob’s words didn’t match the tribal council’s actions after Lex — who earlier had saved Rob’s girlfriend, Amber Brkich — lost a tightly contested Immunity Challenge.

“I made a potentially game-ending blunder in agreeing to keep Amber and get rid of Jerri (Manthey), and I think I may be about to pay for it,” Lex said before the big boot. He also lamented his decision to trust “Boston Rob” (Mariano), whom he felt was playing dirty — and betraying their friendship.

After the 7-2 vote against him, a stunned Lex said, “I came into this game the wealthiest man in the world. I have an amazing wife, two beautiful sons, a loving family and the greatest group of friends a man could ever hope for. Everything above and beyond that is gravy as far as I’m concerned.”

Lex, as it so happens, will have a hand in ladling out the gravy to someone else. He becomes the first member of the jury that will decided who will win the $1-million prize.

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