March 09, 2004 02:28 PM

White Stripes singer and guitarist Jack White, accused of beating up Von Bondies frontman Jason Stollseimer in Detroit last Dec. 13, goes to trial on Tuesday in the Motor City, according to reports.

Stollseimer tells that the widespread press interest in the alleged scuffle has not been a pleasant experience for him, especially the illustrated coverage of his swollen and bruised face.

“No, not all press is good. In one way it is, ’cause people know us that wouldn’t have ever heard of us, and now instead of saying, ‘Von Bondies from Detroit Rock City,’ it’ll say, ‘Von Bondies, bash-up band,’ or something silly. And it is annoying, but you know what? For the next five years, I’ll be answering stupid questions about it,” Stollseimer said.

White is being represented by suburban Detroit lawyer Wally P. — short for Walter Piszczatowski — something of a local legend, given that the 52-year-old has previously represented such bad boys of music as Eminem and Marilyn Manson, reports the Associated Press.

White, 28, is accused of repeatedly punching the 25-year-old Stollsteimer in the face, and in January pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor aggravated assault charge. If found guilty, White could face up to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

On Dec. 21, White went to a Detroit police precinct and gave a statement saying he struck Stollsteimer in self-defense on Dec. 13. The altercation between the two musicians began shortly before midnight at the Magic Stick club, where both men were attending a concert, according to the Associated Press.

Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Duggan said the two had an ongoing disagreement that began after Stollsteimer criticized White’s role in producing the Von Bondies’s first album (2001’s “Lack of Communication”).

According to a police report originally posted on the Smoking Gun Web site, Stollsteimer said White “became enraged” after Stollsteimer declined to speak with him. White then pulled him to the ground and hit him seven times, Stollsteimer said.

Police said the Von Bondies singer was treated and released from a Detroit hospital. White only suffered some redness to the face and cuts on his left hand, according to the report. In remarks earlier this year to, Stollsteimer professed to have no answer as to why White came at him.

“I have no idea about the real reason why — I mean, I’m not him — ’cause that’s the question everybody wants to know,” Stollsteimer is quoted as saying. “I don’t know. It could be a million things, but nothing that I have done in the last two years has anything to do with it.”

Stollsteimer told that even though he recently had surgery in Los Angeles to repair his retina, he might still sustain permanent eye damage from the incident.

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