March 17, 2016 12:00 PM

When it came time to make a music video for his new single “Chivalry Is Dead,” Trevor Wesley wanted to put fans in the driver’s seat.

Using revolutionary 360-degree technology, the YouTube sensation teamed up with world-renowned choreographer Ian Eastwood, director Sam Macaroni and Madonna‘s music and dance entertainment network DanceOn to create a viewing experience that allows fans the opportunity to view the entire room the music video was shot in.

Using a digital remote similar to the one used on Google Maps, viewers can literally experience a 360-degree view throughout the video, which made its debut exclusively on PEOPLE.

Trevor Wesley
Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Wesley – a Los Angeles native who will be performing at South by Southwest in Austin on Thursday – began his musical journey at the age of five while sitting at the piano in an effort to match the pitches of his mother’s vacuum amongst the white and black keys.

The singer hopes the new video for “Chivalry Is Dead” will even outperform a dance video featuring the song that was released by Eastwood last year and has been viewed almost 10.5 million times.

To watch the 360-degree video on a computer, viewers will need the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on their computer. On mobile, fans can download the latest version of the YouTube app for Android or iOS and click here.

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