Travolta To Do Mineo Bio

“Rebel Without a Cause” costar Sal Mineo, who was murdered outside his West Hollywood apartment in 1976 (he was 37), is about to have his life story told in an authorized film bio that is to be produced by Travolta. No, not John, but his brother Joey Travolta, as well as Dale J. Oprandy, says the Hollywood Reporter. “He was an American icon, but a lot of people still don’t know him or know of him,” Travolta told the trade paper. “I have known his body of work for years and have always been a fan of his.” Besides, “Rebel,” Mineo also costarred in “Exodus” with Paul Newman, “Giant” with Rock Hudson and James Dean (who starred in “Rebel”) and Dino. Travolta’s directing credits reportedly include “Partners,” “Enemies of Laughter” and “Dumb Luck in Vegas.”

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