Travolta Family Christmas: Sledding in Maine, Horses for Ella

Seven-year-old Ella Blue Travolta has visions of a "horse-barn thing" on her gift list this year

Photo: Devan/INF

The John Travolta-Kelly Preston household isn’t just dreaming of a White Christmas this year – the family’s bound to get one.

“We go to our home in Maine every year,” Preston, 45, told PEOPLE Saturday at the Scientology Celebrity Centre’s 15th Annual “Christmas Stories” Fundraiser for the Hollywood Police Activities League youth programs. “I take the kids sledding, Johnny comes [and] we all love to sled down the backyard.”

When it comes to holidays, “I’m huge on Christmas,” said Preston. “So we’re going to go up on the 5th of December.”

Meanwhile, 7-year-old Ella Blue Travolta, who participated in a holiday party skit with her mom – Jenna Elfman and Kirstie Alley also did stage routines during the gathering – told PEOPLE about her latest list for Santa: “There’s this horse-barn thing, that’s one of the things.”

“With the little horsies,” interjected her mom, “and also you wanted that trailer.” Added Preston: “It’s a toy truck with cages to take little plastic animals. A wild animal truck to play with her Polly Pockets.”

A Night in Toy Store

Little Ella’s already enjoyed one big celebration this year: her April birthday, which was spent in a famous Manhattan toy store. “We had Ella’s birthday at F.A.O. Schwartz, where you get to spend the night,” said Preston. “We had a bunch of Ella’s girlfriends and had so much fun.”

En route to Maine, she added, “I’m taking them to New York on Monday, and we’re going to see the Rockettes’ show, ice-skating at Rockefeller Center and go to F.A.O. Schwartz – it has a great ice cream parlor. I’m going to take them for a couple days, her and her girlfriends.”

But when it comes to possibly adding more holiday stockings to the Travolta mantel, Preston said of having more children (besides Ella, the couple have a son, Jett, 5): “We’re talking about it, [but] I’m not pregnant, not yet. Maybe something like a Christmas present next year.”

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