Travis Barker: Why Shanna & I Got Back Together

The rocker says he and Moakler are "trying to move forward with a clean slate"

Photo: Chad Buchanan/Getty

After a bitter breakup over the summer, Shanna Moakler told PEOPLE in March that she and estranged husband Travis Barker were back together. And now Barker has opened up about why they decided to give their marriage a second chance.

“I think [it was] love, keeping our family together and believing in ourselves,” Barker told PEOPLE on Tuesday at Complex Magazine’s fifth anniversary party at Area in Los Angeles, where the couple smooched and cuddled all night. And making the kids happy: “Oh my gosh, that is like the biggest treat of all,” he said.

Barker, 31, and Moakler, 32, who are parents to son Landon, 3, and daughter Alabama, 1½, both wore their wedding rings Tuesday night. “We’re pulling out of the separation. We’re still married,” Moakler told PEOPLE.

“We’re just trying to move forward with a clean slate,” Barker added.

The couple posed together on a Harley Davidson motorcycle parked at the start of the red carpet, kissing while they sat on the bike. As they walked hand-in-hand to the party, Barker caressed Moakler’s face and ran his fingers through her hair.

Also at the party: Barker’s former fling Paris Hilton. Hilton, who showed up with her new boyfriend, Desperate Housewives actor Josh Henderson, kept her distance from Moakler (the two filed police reports against each other after a nightclub dust-up in October).

But Moakler didn’t seem fazed – after all, she’d just added a new member to her family. “We got [the kids] a puppy today. It’s a little French bulldog,” she told PEOPLE. The new pup can keep the family company when Barker takes off in three weeks to tour with Fall Out Boy and Paul Wall.

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