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January 17, 2015 06:00 PM

Police responded to a domestic dispute between Travis Barker and his ex-wife, Shanna Moakler in LA last year after an explosive argument over a TV show.

The issues only just came to light in court documents that Moakler filed on Dec. 24, requesting a change of their custody agreement.

In a written statement, Moakler revealed that she and Barker got into an intense fight on Dec. 8 after he asked her to allow their children (Landon, 11, and Alabama, 9) to appear on a new reality TV show.

According to Moakler’s statement, after she wavered on agreeing to the show, Baker went into a rage, telling her, “If I could, I’d put a bullet in your head.”

Moakler then took the couple’s son, Landon, outside their shared home and called police, who handcuffed both of the parents for making threats against one another.

(Barker told police that she threatened to have her boyfriend beat her up, which she denied.)

Both parties were eventually released, but not before police called Child Protective Services, according to Moakler.

“There was some type of radio call involving the two of them,” LAPD Lt. Dionne Watts tells PEOPLE. “There was an investigation and they were both released and they were not arrested. It was definitely some type of dispute between the two parties.”

Moakler also claimed in the court documents that she was concerned about Barker’s claims that he has used “over 19 different medications for his bipolar disorder.”

Barker and Moakler were married form 2004 to 2008, and appeared together on an MTV reality show, Meet the Barkers. • Reporting by CHRISTINE PELISEK and JOHNNY DODD

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