A Chilean artist captured each person dressed as a male and female – on the same day

By Ana Calderone
Updated December 10, 2014 05:00 PM

For her most recent art project, a Chilean photographer decided to capture transgender individuals in Cuba who are undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

Claudia Gonzalez‘s “Reassign” series features before and after photos of 13 subjects in various stages of the surgery.

But it’s more of a symbolic depiction of before and after – both photos are actually from the same day. The difference lies in the subject’s choice of clothing, which is changed to identify with a particular gender.

Gonzalez told The Huffington Post the purpose of the series was “freedom, progress, diversity, respect.”

Hoping to bring to light discrimination faced by the Cuban LGTB community, Gonzalez teamed up with CENESEX, the Cuban National Center for Sex Education, to photograph people involved with the institution.

“This idea was accompanied by a sense of obligation and responsibility to these people,” she told A+.