A fan poll has inspired toymakers Hasbro to introduce a new team of female Transformers to the series

Transformers fans have spoken, and they apparently were asking for more female robots.

Toy company Hasbro will introduce a new character to the Transformers universe: Victorion, a female “combiner” that itself is comprised of six other heroic female robots. The character is set to debut in comic form in July and in physical toy form thereafter.

The all-female robot team came about as a result of a fan poll, according to USA Today, and it’s indicative of a desire among long-time fans to make the Transformers world less of a boys’ club.

“Our female fans have demanded to be part of the story. To have them be represented as well is something that’s only natural,” Hasbro brand manager Sarah Carroll told USA Today.

The article also notes that fans of the original series now have daughters, and expanded roles for female characters helps make the show relatable to these new viewers.

Victorion is not the first female Transformers character, however. Among others, Elita One, pictured above, was introduced as a female counterpart to Optimus Prime back in the original 1985 animated series.

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