Tracy Morgan Reveals He Was a High School Soccer Star: 'I Was Labeled as Pele's Great Grandson'

Tracy Morgan stopped by for a chat on PEOPLE's Instagram Stories

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Tracy Morgan: comedian, actor, soccer star?

The actor, who stars as a high school coach in the upcoming film Fist Fight, stopped by for a chat on PEOPLE’s Instagram Stories, where the cast answered questions on a barrage of topics while dishing on the film.

Morgan, 48, revealed his connection to his athletic character.

“I was a high school soccer star,” he said. “I was labeled as Pele’s great grandson. Holla at me.”

And it turns out, Morgan isn’t the only coach in the bunch!

Charlie Day, who plays an English teacher in the film, admitted that his real-life teaching skills would best be utilized on the field, not in the classroom.

“I would be the baseball coach,” he said when asked what subject he would teach. “Or maybe the third base coach and assistant coach.”

In the film, a teacher (Ice Cube) challenges a coworker (Day) to an old-fashioned after-school fight after his job is threatened.

During the Q&A, Ice Cube also revealed which one of his costars would have the best chance against him in a rap battle.

“I think it would be Tracy Morgan,” he said. “I think he would give me the most trouble rhyming ’cause he’s got that slow-flow delivery.”

“But you know what would happen at the end Tracy,” he continued. “I’ll serve you.”

Fist Fight hits theaters Feb. 17.

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