January 08, 2016 06:10 PM

Welcome to the world, baby Kelcey!

At 3:02 p.m. on January 6, 54-year-old Tracey Thompson gave birth to her healthy 6 lb. 11oz. granddaughter – yes, you read that right, her own granddaughter!

After facing years of infertility issues, Thompson’s 28-year-old daughter, Kelley McKissack, turned to her post-menopausal mother in the hopes she would act as a surrogate for her and her husband, Aaron McKissack.

Kelley McKissack and mother Tracey Thompson holding baby Kelcey
Medical Center of Plano

Thompson was overjoyed that McKissack, from Wylie, Texas, asked her to be a part of the pregnancy.

“It’s amazing I was able to help my daughter have her child. Watching her hold her, being a mother is so natural to her,” Thompson told the Medical Center of Plano, the hospital where Kelcey was born.

McKissack and her husband attempted multiple infertility treatments and experienced three heartbreaking miscarriages over the span of three years before going to Thompson, who was seven-years post menopause, according to the Center.

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The couple was left with only four remaining embryos after a final round of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), one of which was successfully implanted into Thompson in April 2015.

“I was nervous I wouldn’t have a successful pregnancy for my daughter and her husband. I had seen the emotions that the two of them had gone through, the heartbreak they had gone through I didn’t want to fail,” the grandmother told the hospital.

Tracey Thompson holding Kelcey
Medical Center of Plano

The new mother decided to name her baby “Kelcey” – a combination of Kelley and Tracey.

“She’s the most amazing woman, she is who everyone should strive to be. She’s the best mom and grandmother that anyone could ever be. That’s who I strive to be,” McKissack told the hospital.

“She did what most moms wouldn’t do. She went that extra mile She gave me life and now she’s given my daughter life,” a thankful McKissack said.

The new mom adds, “There are no words to explain how amazing it is.”

Congrats to the new family!

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