See This Swamp Tour Guide Feed Alligators – with His Mouth

He also fed them with his hands, which isn't very safe, either


A tour guide in Louisiana has given new meaning to the phrase “to serve gator.”

In a viral video uploaded to YouTube in May, a guide from Airboat Adventures tour company, known only as "Lance," is seen cavorting with alligators and feeding them – including, at one point, giving the gator a marshmallow from his mouth as if it were a baby bird.

Now the tour guide’s swim may have landed him in hot water. Sheriffs in Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish say they’re investigating the incident.

Feeding alligators is not illegal statewide in Louisiana, but a local ordinance in Jefferson Parish forbids the practice.

Officers say that feeding the alligators causes them to be less afraid of humans, which puts both man and beast in more danger.

“If [predators] lose their natural fear of humans and they see us as a food source, they are going to be aggressive about it,” Barataria Preserve Park Ranger Aleutia Scott told Fox 8 Live. “Eventually that means that alligators or other animals are going to have to be relocated or even euthanized.”

Swimming with alligators – dangerous for many more reasons than the obvious one.

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