Gabrielle Olya
April 16, 2015 07:55 PM

Tori Spelling can’t seem to stay out of the doctor’s office.

The actress, 41, recently needed to be treated for burns after falling on a hot hibachi grill, but it’s only one of many unfortunate incidents that have occurred to the unlucky star.

Just last month, Spelling was taken to the emergency room where she was treated for a severe migraine, according to Access Hollywood.

After the incident she Tweeted, “I wish the media would stop making it so dramatic/scary 4 my family, friends,&fans…I have horrific migraines. I’m ALWAYS open about that!”

Spelling had previously landed herself in the hospital in October 2014, reportedly after having a severe cough attack that was determined to be bronchitis. The mom-of-four posted several shots on her Instagram page during her hospital stay, leading some to speculate that she had Ebola.

In one post Spelling wrote, “This sick in hospital I finally see how quickly life can take it all away frm you.”

In April 2014, Spelling spent several days in a Los Angeles hospital while being treated for a severe migraine, with many speculating that it was caused by stress over her imploding marriage.

The former 90210 star also spent time in the hospital in September 2012 after giving birth to her fourth child, Finn Davey.

“Tori underwent emergency surgery over the weekend due to complications from her c-section,” her rep told PEOPLE at the time.

In September 2009, Spelling was hospitalized twice in two days after suffering from severe abdominal pains. She had been chronicling her illness on Twitter, which she dubbed “The McDermott Family Bug,” as it had also affected her husband Dean McDermott and children Liam and Stella.

We hope the reality star’s luck changes soon!

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