Dish & Tell: What Tori Spelling, Corey Feldman and More Revealed in Their Memoirs

Former flames and icy celebrity run-ins are just the beginning of what these loose-lipped stars were willing to divulge in print

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If you have nothing nice to say say it in print? It’s probably not the best way to air your grievances, but it seems to be the motto among celebrities penning memoirs of late.

On Friday, word leaked of Tori Spelling’s dis at Katie Holmes in her forthcoming book Spelling It Like It Is, in which she describes the former Mrs. Cruise as “plastic.”

“As I sat waiting outside his music room, I heard his prior appointment working with him in the other room. It was some actress singing horribly off-key,” Spelling writes of bumping into Holmes during a visit to her vocal coach. “I heard him say good-bye and then the actress walked out of the room. It was Katie Holmes.”

“I didn’t know whether we should hug or shake hands. But the signal from her was immediately clear: Don’t even come close,” Spelling continues. “She was just plastic. I thought, ‘I know you’re not a robot because you can’t sing for s–t.'”

Though the former Beverly Hills, 90210 star has never been one to mince words, Spelling’s not the only star spilling. Find out who else is airing some dirty laundry:

Melissa Joan Hart: I Kissed Ryan Reynolds

The Sabrina, the Teenage Witch actress dishes on her young life in the limelight in her tome, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, mentioning a make-out session with Ryan Reynolds as a teen – which proved A-Okay with his now-wife Blake Lively. “It came out that Blake didn’t know,” Hart told PEOPLE. “She did know, actually. She reached out to me via email to help her with a birthday present for Ryan!”

Mike Tyson: I Scared Off Brad Pitt

In his upcoming memoir, Undisputed Truth, Tyson recalls an unexpected moment in which he came face-to-face with Brad Pitt. While going through a split with then-wife Robin Givens, the boxer says the former couple were still seeing each other – until Givens pulled up to her home with Pitt sitting in the passenger seat of her car. “You had to see the look on his face. He looked like he was ready to receive his last rites,” Tyson writes in his book, adding that Pitt pleaded, “Dude, don’t strike me, don’t strike me.”

Corey Feldman: I Went to Disneyland with Michael Jackson

Despite lingering rumors, Feldman uses his tell-all, Coreyography, to reiterate once more that there was nothing inappropriate about his friendship with Michael Jackson. Instead, the actor dishes on a trip to Disneyland the pair took in disguise, for which Jackson donned a fake nose, sunglasses and a giant Afro. So convincing was the look that when the two went to register for a hotel room, Jackson was forced to present ID to prove he really was the King of Pop.

Ron Burgundy: My High School Was Named After Chewbacca

What else were you expecting from the fictional star of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues? In addition to the revelation that Burgundy attended Our Lady Queen of Chewbacca High School, fans can also expect to learn more about dog Baxter and the formation of the Action 4 news team in Let Me Off at the Top! “The first time I sat down and read this thing,” says Burgundy, “I cried like a goddamn baby, and you can take that to the bank!”

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