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October 05, 2011 02:30 PM

Talk about a night to remember – and not in a good way.

In her latest blog post, mom-to-be Tori Spelling recalls her worst date ever – an evening that left her drunk and vomiting in the kitchen of a trendy Beverly Hills restaurant.

The evening in question took place when the actress was starring in 90210. Her date, an up-and-coming actor (leave your guesses as to his identity in the comments below!), selected the hottest restaurant at the time, picked her up on time and landed them a prime table. Only, as she tells it, he decided to forego dinner, opting instead for drinks – several of them.

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“I then selfishly prayed for breadsticks that would never come,” she writes. “He ordered us both Rum and Cokes. Oh no! I was a wine girl. I didn’t usually drink hard alcohol. But, I had to act cool, so I went with it.”

Hungry and disoriented after four drinks, Spelling, 38, recalls stumbling, confused, into the kitchen, which she mistook for the bathroom. “A waiter rushed over with a massive copper saucepan where I proceeded to vomit the four rum and cokes and the cliff bar I had had at 11am into it,” she writes. “It was Donna Martin prom night all over again. I was mortified!”

The kicker? After taking her home, her date called back, two weeks later, asking, “if I could get him an audition for a new series my Dad was producing.”

Spelling, who’s been married to Dean McDermott since 2006 with whom she has two kids, plus a baby on the way, writes: “I hung up defeated.”

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