Tori Spelling Inherits Less Than $1 Million

Spelling will receive a fraction of her late father Aaron's $300 million estate

Aaron Spelling, who died on June 23 at 83, left behind an estate estimated to be worth more than $300 million. But his daughter, Tori, will inherit just a small fraction of that fortune, a source close to the actress tells PEOPLE.

Aaron’s will leaves Tori, 33, “less than $1 million” in cash and stocks, says the source. Because Tori was so close to her TV mogul father, the source says, “it’s disheartening to her.”

The inheritance includes a cash sum that Tori was to receive on Monday, 30 days after her father’s death, but the source says that Tori has not yet received the money.

To contest the inheritance, Tori would have to go up against the will’s executor – her mother, Candy, 60, with whom she’s been feuding.

Meanwhile, Candy’s home decorator is set to receive $50,000 from the estate, according to the source. Another person who knows the family says Tori’s brother Randy, 27, also recieved about $1 million.

The Tori source says that the actress is in a difficult financial situation. “It’s not right that people think she’s an heiress,” says the source. “It’s the furthest from the truth.”

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