Tori Spelling Gets Ready for Her Yard Sale

The pregnant actress makes room for baby by selling clothes, furniture and memorabilia

Photo: Vince Flores/Celebrity Photo

Tori Spelling is following in Kirstie Alley’s footsteps – by holding a yard sale. The five-months pregnant actress and her husband, actor Dean McDermott, will be selling wares at their Studio City, Calif., home starting Friday at 9 a.m.

“I’m having the sale because we’re moving and my taste has changed,” Spelling tells PEOPLE. “Plus I’m a notorious pack rat; I keep everything. And I wanted to get organized before the baby arrives, so this seemed the perfect time to clean house. It feels good!”

The couple are looking to buy a bed and breakfast for their upcoming reality show on the Oxygen cable network. They started filming about two weeks ago and looked at properties for the first time this week. “It’s been really fun so far!” says Spelling. “But we’re going to decorate the B&B modern, so I’m going to sell all the Shabby Chic-style furniture and accessories I’ve collected over the years.”

Apart from furniture, Spelling is also getting rid of Beverly Hills, 90210 memorabilia, vintage and new designer clothes, her antique chintzware collection, signed scripts, artwork, chandeliers, and “jeans that my preggers butt can’t fit into anymore,” Spelling says jokingly.

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