Tori Spelling Demonstrates 'Potty Dance'

The reality star shows how she gets her two kids to do their business

In Tori Spelling‘s household, using the bathroom is reason to dance a jig.

On the Rachael Ray Show Thursday, Spelling demonstrated her healthy method for getting her kids potty-trained – not with sweets, but with “The Potty Dance.”

The reality TV star and mother of two (son, Liam, who turns 2 next week, and daughter Stella, 9 months) got up off her chair, and, clad in a swingy green dress and strappy heels, performed the steps she does with her children when they hit the potty mark.

“Put your left hand out, right on top, let them drop and do the hula hoop,” she chanted, while swinging her hips. “Shake it all about and do the potty dance!”

Explaining the genesis of her method, Spelling said: “Liam loves to dance and it’s kind of like their reward. Don’t reward them with candy or cookies, you reward them with a little dance they get to do afterward.”

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