"I reach further knowing if I fall you'll be there to catch me," the actress writes in a love letter to Dean McDermott

By Alla Byrne
Updated November 16, 2011 05:00 PM
Kevin Winter/Getty

Tori Spelling‘s birthday gift to husband Dean McDermott? A love letter.

The actress posted “A Love Letter to My Soul Mate” on her website on Wednesday.

“I would dream of you for so long,” Spelling wrote. “So many represented you. My dad. Every Ken doll I ever played with. Every prince in every Disney cartoon. The lead character in every John Hughes film. Not one guy I ever dated. And, then you became a reality.”

Spelling, 38, and McDermott, 45, wed in 2006 and their relationship was documented on reality TV.

Spelling goes on to thank her husband for helping “me achieve my dreams. I reach further knowing if I fall you’ll be there to catch me.”

Last month the couple welcomed their third child together, daughter Hattie, who joined siblings Liam and Stella.

“You’ve given me the greatest gift I can ever know. The gift of motherhood,” Spelling adds. “Thank you my love for the brilliant life we’ve created together. Thank you for making all my dreams come true.”