The actress and her husband Tweet about couple of mishaps

By Michael Y. Park
Updated December 16, 2009 07:45 AM
Credit: Albert Michael/Startraks

Tuesday just wasn’t Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott’s day.

Not only did the couple Tweet about how a bird left an unpleasant surprise (evidently, what’s considered a good-luck omen in some places isn’t good luck in Hollywood) – a mishap with a hot-water kettle left one of them in an “insane amount of pain.”

“Ive had a day!1st a bird pooped on my head at [the shopping mall] The Grove&now I just poured boiling water frm kettle all ovr my hand,” the couple wrote on their Twitter account, ToriandDean (it’s usually Tori, 36, who Tweets on the shared account). “I’m a HOT mess.Literally!”

And it only got worse.

“Burnt hand is bad. Its swollen and bright red and insane amount of pain. Ice isn’t helping!” came a Tweet later Tuesday night.

But thanks to Twitter fans, the boo-boo got better.

“Thanks everyone! Aloe is helping!” came the message an hour later.