'Top Model' : Who Should Win?

It's down to the final three on America's Next Top Model. Check out the remaining catwalk wannabes – then vote for your favorite. By Emily Fromm

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BRE, 19

BRE, 19
Barry Lategan/UPN

Why She'll Win: The Harlem, N.Y., native's photos keep getting better – check out her Mona Lisa-turned-African queen shot (left).
Why She Won't: Her clashes with fellow contestants – including alleged cereal-bar thief Nicole – are making her seem like an increasingly loose cannon.
Fun Fact: She listens to everything from RampB to punk and heavy metal.

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Jason Willheim/UPN

Why She'll Win: The Grand Forks, N.D., native has genuine commercial appeal – her ad for Secret Platinum (left) even ran in PEOPLE.
Why She Won't: Is she too commercial? One photographer griped she might never be more than "a catalog model."
Fun Fact: She played on the golf team in high school.

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NIK, 21

NIK, 21

Why She'll Win: As Twiggy says, the former office coordinator is "stunning" – even when she (finally!) faces the camera straight-on (left).
Why She Won't: She's got to build her confidence. As judge Nigel Barker reminded her, "Only you can do that. You have to believe in yourself."
Fun Fact: The Atlanta native calls herself a "daddy's girl."

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