Forget the gowns and pat downs, "jeans are highly recommended" for Mendelsohn's hip gala

By People Staff
Updated January 06, 2009 02:20 PM
Credit: Splash News Online

Top Chef‘s Spike Mendelsohn is cooking up his own Inauguration Ball – a more down-scale fété for Barack Obama – featuring burgers, of course!

Mendelsohn announced Monday he is hosting the first ever Inauguration Burger Ball at Good Stuff Eatery, his edgy-meets-Americana burger joint across from the Capitol Building.

“I’m just so excited to be in D.C. during this extraordinary moment,” Mendelsohn tells PEOPLE. “I had to do something gorgeous and festive, but also casual and low-key, because that’s more my style.”

Mendelsohn’s invitation reads, “For the hip crowd that doesn’t want to buy a ball gown or rent a tux, but wants wants to celebrate Obama … jeans are highly recommended.”

Mendelsohn is serving Good Stuff’s signature farm-fresh burgers, hand-cut fries, hand-spun shakes for $99. Tickets are available at He says he’s in talks with several secret celebrity attendees who will likely stop by after their formal events for “a late-night nosh.”

“We’re going to light the room with candles, set up cocktail tables, have really amazing music and probably the coolest people in D.C. on the best night in the country’s history,” he says.